Here’s A Steak.

Here’s A Steak.

Yes.  It’s me.  I haven’t written in a while. There’s no recipe to follow.  Why?  Because I’m just not in the mood.  That’s it.  It’s been a year since the pandemic hit and during this time blogging about food  has been the last thing on my mind.  I’m still struggling with this because it makes me uncomfortable to be all ladeedah about posting about food while so many  of my fellow Americans are struggling so badly.

What’s been up with me since I blogged last?  Well, Hubs and I are building a commercial kitchen.  More  on that later.  I haven’t worn  a bra in a year.  Masks PLUS a bra?  I say no.  And I cut off all my hair.  Ok, that was months ago.  I’ve become even more socially awkward than I was going into this past year.  I’ve definitely become less tolerant of other people’s bullshit.  Rejoining society is definitely going to be…interesting.

Which brings me to the steak from last night.  Every day the conversation is the same.  “What do you want for dinner?” one of us inevitably asks the other.  It occured to me yesteday that we have not had a steak in many months.  We decided to splurge.  I put my order into Instacart and off we went.  Yes, I ordered steaks from Costco off Instacart and it was totally fine.  I’d had an emotional couple of days and I was in dire need of a treat that didn’t involve wine or chocolate.

I marinated these monstrosities in brown juice.  Pick your own and go for it.  Hubs grilled them to perfection and I served them with quick cooking things….fingerlings roasted in duck fat and flash sauteed sugar snap peas mostly because I had too many of them lingering about.  For those, it was just equal splashes of sesame and canola oils, some ginger puree, some crushed red chile pepper ( I used a Korean one), a scant spoonful of soy sauce, and some minced garlic at the end.  Divine.  Garnished the whole thing with some semi-dried chives and maldon salt flakes.

Pro tip:  Use the leftover duck fat from the potatoes to drizzle over the steak.  You’re welcome.