Sunday Brunch At The K Bar Steakhouse

Sunday Brunch At The K Bar Steakhouse

Whoooweee we finally made it to this brunch.  It’s our third attempt.  Being from the land of over the top buffets, it was no Vegas Sunday brunch, but the food was dang delicious.  Mostly.  Well, there was one exception.  Just say no to previously frozen lox.  It’s makes the fish have that dry sponge texture.  I could tell immediately.  We won’t discuss it.

Personally, I had two plates of prime rib.  Yeah, that’s right.  I usually do.  The first plate had a perfectly cooked carrots and green beans dish, expertly seasoned and a chantrelle mushroom rice pilaf.  I was in heaven.

The next plate of prime rib had cold green beans with a balsamic dressing.  I liked these green beans better than the first and wished I had thought to pick out some carrots from the other chafing dish.  I had a couple crab rangoons, but the potato skins were cold.  They were delicious, I just prefer them hot.

I had to have some salad.  I asked the waiter for some sliced tomato since there didn’t seem to be any salad add ins available….just greens.  But the greens were clean and dry and free of any yicky bits.  You know what I’m talking about!

From there I moved on to fruit and dessert.  By the time we got to dessert I was nearly in a coma.  I had to cease and desist the mimosas, which by the way, are six bucks for bottomless mimosas.  I needed some tea.  They serve it in lovely little two or three cup silver teapots.  I had six different desserts and all of them were good, but my favorite was the cherry danish.  Big surprise there.

We’ve been to the K Bar for dinner.  It’s a lovely steakhouse and our service was groovy.  For dinner, we like to get the tomahawk….a giant ribeye.  Actually, they have two sizes.  The smaller one is great for two people with maybe a serving leftover.  The larger one served six of us after a cold seafood cocktail appetizer that included crab, lobster,shrimp, and raw oysters and it was perfect.  The sides are easily enough for two people and I haven’t had a side there yet that I didn’t like.

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